Start proceedings against me would be useless.
We want the official return of Kuroi'SH
You waste time and go pretty funny do not be angry against me will forgive me secure your servers do not be upset. We do this for fun obviously you track down hackers why you were doing it. Basically your site without us can walk thanks to us that you find security holes and secures why we continue to be us a message that we publish on your sites search we absolutely worthless we are.
Changing your page is not a real issue we never save of given once notified the website your site falls into oblivion a page change is not something serious to be taking it rather as an experience and use of this to secure your site without problems we continue you will lose a lot of time for nothing. If you want to waste time chasing me while I offer my help go wasting time. I use twitter that. I do not use any other platform. If you see someone on another platform Twitter that he is simply a fake.